Rookie of the Year

Since the 2015 Nordic Hedge Award, a new category was introduced for the “Best New Nordic Hedge Fund” or “Rookie of the Year.”

Funds will be considered for this Award which have a track record of fewer than 18 months but have at least three monthly NAV preceding the year-end net asset value (NAV) of the respective funds. Funds must be listed in the HedgeNordic databases and Nordic Hedge Index and meet the criteria required for such listing. There will be no minimum / maximum requirement for assets under management to be considered for the “Rookie of the Year” category.

As in this category, the traditional scoring and ranking methodology would lead to no meaningful results due to funds trading different strategies with different datasets available for evaluation, a new and simplified ranking procedure will determine the winner of this category.

A jury put together of the former winners of the Nordic Hedge Award will, based on a questionaire, determine the “Best New Nordic Hedge Fund Launch”.

2017 “Rookie of the Year” – Qualified Funds

Nordic Cross Stable ReturnCABA HedgeNordic Cross Total Return Bond FundIAM Nordic Multi Strategy Fund
Volt Diversified Alpha FundGamma Iceland Opportunity FundAsgard Credit FundNykredit EVIRA

2017 Jury Members for “Rookie of the Year”

2016 “Rookie of the Year” – Qualified Funds

Gamma Iceland MacroGamma Iceland Opportunity FundAsgard Credit FundRhenman Global Opportunities L/S
AJ Value HedgeAtlant ResponsibleALFA XOArcturus A
Ambrosia LPeak Global MacroPacific PreciousPacific Absolute Return
Scandinavian Credit Fund IAtlant ProtectAtlant OpportunityAtlant Multi-Strategy Internal
Coeli, Prognosis MachinesTrudeAtlant, Sharp EuropeMinastir Currency Fund

2016 Jury Members for “Rookie of the Year”

Best New Nordic Hedge Fund – Rookie of the Year 2016

FundPortfolio ManagerCompanyInception
Scandinavian Credit Fund IFredrik SjöstrandSkandinaviska Kreditfonden ABJanuary 2016

2015 “Rookie of the Year” – Qualified Funds

Trude (10/2015)Atlant Sharp Europe (10/2015)Bodenholm (9/2015)SEB Alternative Risk Premia (5/2015)
Elementa (3/2015)Sector Global Investments Fund (12/2014)OPM Absolute Managers (9/2014)Gramont Equity Opportunities (9/2014)
Incentive Active Value Fund (7/2014)Borea Global Equities (7/2014)Fund NameFund Name

2015 Jury Members for “Rookie of the Year”

Best New Nordic Hedge Fund – Rookie of the Year 2015

FundPortfolio ManagerCompanyInception
ElementaMarcus WahlbergElementa Management ABMarch 2015