Thomas Bergström


Thomas Bergstrom, CAIA, is a senior portfolio manager and a member of the Nordea Alternative & Manager selection team within the investment management branch of the Nordea Bank. He manages and co-manages several hedge fund portfolios covering all client segments and has been managing hedge fund portfolios since early 2008.

He invests in and covers all strategies including both discretionary and systematic across all asset classes. He was part of the team setting up the fund of hedge funds business and was in charge of the risk m

anagement and was conducting due diligence and manager research. Earlier he was the risk manager of equity based hedge fund strategies in the bank, involved in portfolio construction, risk management and quantitative support for both directional and market neutral portfolios.

Thomas has nine years of hedge fund experience and a total of thirteen years of industry experience including quantitative research and risk management for traditional asset classes. He holds a masters in Finance / Economics from the University of Stockholm