Simon Reinius


Simon is the CEO and Founder of OPM, Optimized Portfolio Management – a Swedish fund management company focusing on actively managed funds of Hedge Funds, Private Equity and low risk equity. The key to the company’s strategy is to deliver attractive complementary investments to institutional portfolios. Besides being committed to the preservation and growth of perpetual capital there is a clear focus on creating additional value through lower portfolio risk and improved correlation patterns.

OPM believes that there is a generally positive relationship between risk adjusted returns for the funds and good ethical standards among the underlying companies that the fund either directly or indirectly are invested in. This conviction is why responsible investing is an integral part in the strategy to create greater alpha.

OPM has also developed proprietary methodology and technology for strategic allocations and assessment of an optimal risk profiles, OPM ESA and OPM ORP,  that today is used by strategic clients. OPM was founded in 2004 and is today a part of CARAM, Carnegie Affiliated Managers. Simon started his career at Investor AB as Head of Investor AB:s Equity Trading. Simon is also one of the founders of Speed Ventures NV, a VC company focusing on early internet ventures with offices in 10 countries.