Determining the Winners


The Nordic Hedge Award is set to distinguish outstanding hedge fund managers from and active in the Nordic region. All funds listed in the Nordic Hedge Fund Index (NHX) databases are eligible for participating in the Nordic Hedge Award. This is to ensure all data going into the calculation models is at same standards, complete and fully transparent to the organizer.

As of December 31st 2016, 155 hedge funds were listed within the NHX and will be automatically be considered to the respective categories they are listed in. While the organizer will do the outmost to capture the universe in its entirety, we can not guarantee we have identified every fund and manageror that required data is made available to us. In an effort to insure the widest possible view of the defined universe, a public invitation to submit funds is widely communicated.

A Three Step Process 

A short list of nominated funds is determined through a quantitive model co-developed by HedgeNordic and Stockholm School of Economics Read more

A jury of industry professionals from the Nordic hedge fund space judges the nominated funds based on qualitative criteria.

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The aggregated Jury scores and results from the quantitive scoring are compounded at equal weight to receive final results

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Quantitive Score – The Shortlist

Qualitative Scoring – The Jury

Compounding results and Ranking


Absolute Return

This measure looks at the appreciation (or depreciation), expressed as a percentage, that a qualified fund,achieves over a given period of time. Absolute return is solely concerned with the return of the specific fund and does not compare it to any other fund, measure or benchmark.

Relative Performance

For the purpose of determining the shortlist of nominated funds to the Nordic Hedge Awards, funds are not just measured on a stand-alone basis, but also score points relative to (1) the entire universe of Nordic Hedge Funds AND (2) those funds in the sub-category they are listed in.

Absolute Return - Long Term

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Sharpe Ratio

The Sharpe Ratio has become the most widely used method for calculating the risk-adjusted return. The Sharpe ratio uses the standard deviation of returns in the denominator as its proxy of total portfolio risk, which assumes that returns are normally distributed. For our purposes, we do two calculations taking performance and standard deviation for 12 months and 36 months into consideration. The risk-free rate is assumed to be Zero.

Number of Positive Months

One simple, and very transparent measure to determine consitancy of returns was introduced by comparing the number of positive trading months of a fund to (1) the entire universe of Nordic Hedge Funds AND (2) those funds in the sub-category they are listed in. This measure is calcualted on a 12 months and 36 month horizon.

Categories with different Modalities


There is a slight difference here to the general categories: For relative numbers, both the specific NHX category of the fund and the overall NHX composite are taking into consideration, rather than just the specific NHX category related to the fund.

Funds and managers will be presented with “Performance Awards” for the highest net performance of all hedge funds within the universe of the Nordic Hedge Index for their respective absolute returns, net of fees for the  compound 12 months, 36 months and 60 month periods preceding the year-end net asset value (NAV) of the respective funds. (Example: The relevant date for the 2015 Nordic Hedge Award is the final NAV calculated for December 31 of 2015. The relevant period therefor is the 12, 36 and 60 months compound returns preceding the NAV from December 2015).

Besides the minimum AuM requirement, no other criteria will be used or influence the results for determining the winners of the Performance Award.

For the 2015 Nordic Hedge Award, a new category was newly introduced for the “Best New Nordic Hedge Fund” or “Rookie of the Year.”

Funds will be considered for this Award which have a track record of fewer than 18 months but have at least three monthly NAV preceding the year-end net asset value (NAV) of the respective funds. Funds must be listed in the HedgeNordic databases and Nordic Hedge Index and meet the criteria required for such listing. There will be no minimum / maximum requirement for assets under management to be considered for the “Rookie of the Year” category.

As in this category, the traditional scoring and ranking methodology would lead to no meaningful results due to funds trading different strategies with different datasets available for evaluation, a new and simplified ranking procedure will determine the winner of this category.

A jury put together of the former winners of the Nordic Hedge Award and other hedge fund managers will, based on a questionaire, determine the “Best New Nordic Hedge Fund Launch”. Read more about the “Rookie of the Year” category, jury members and former winners here: Read More

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Jury Members & Role of Jury 

Unlike many other industry awards, the Nordic Hedge Award is not just a pure performance award but also uses a professional jury.

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Qualifying Universe

The Nordic Hedge Award is set to distinguish outstanding hedge fund managers from and active in the Nordic region.

The Nordic Hedge Index (NHX)

The Nordic Hedge Index (NHX) is an equal weighted performance index tracking Nordic hedge funds.

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