2014 Nordic Hedge Award

Best Nordic Hedge Fund Overall

  1. Lynx
  2. Taiga Fund
  3. Asgard Fixed Income
  4. Rhenman HC Equity L/S

Supported by Northern Trust

Best Nordic Fixed Income Focused Hedge Fund

  1. Asgard Fixed Income Fund
  2. DI Hedge Fixed Income
  3. DI Fixed Income Relative Value

Supported by Northern Trust Hedge Fund Services

Best Nordic Equity Focused Hedge Fund

  1. Rhenman Healthcare Equity L/S
  2. Taiga Fund
  3. Sector Sigma Nordic Fund

Supported by Amundi Asset Management

Best Nordic CTA

  1. Lynx
  2. IPM Systematic Macro
  3. SEB Asset Selection Opp.

Supported by Efficient Capital

Best Nordic Fund of Hedge Funds

  1. Merrant Alpha Select
  2. OPM Vega Nordic Hedge
  3. Graal Total

Supported by Deutsche Asset & Wealth Management

Best Nordic Multi Strategy Hedge Fund

  1. Carve2
  2. Formuepleje Penta
  3. VISIO Allocator Fund

Supported by  Magnusson

1 year Performance Award

Rhenman & Partners

Rhenman Healthcare Equity L/S

Supported by HedgeNordic


Jury Members 2014 Nordic Hedge Award




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