The Nordic Hedge Award is set to distinguish outstanding hedge fund managers from and active in the Nordic region. To insure all funds and managers can be compared by the same standards and statistical, historic information all funds and managers the organizer of the Nordic Hedge Award will draw all information from the same database. This is crucial as key data that may affect the outcome of the Award could be calculated in different ways (eg.: risk free rate for Sharpe Ratio, time periods for standard deviations…) Therefor

Requirements for all funds and managers:
  • Fund must be registered  in Nordic Hedge Fund Index, NHX and
  • Performance data must be complete and up to date within the NHX databases and
  • Fund must be a public investment scheme
  • Asset under Management at minimum 25 million US Dollars (soft factor, organizer may take discretion)
  • Minimum track record of 18 months by year of respective surveillance period
To be eligible for NHX listing, at least one of the following requirements must be met:
  • Fund management company is domiciled in a Nordic country; or
  • Fund is domiciled in a Nordic country; or
  • Investment theme of the fund is set in the Nordic markets; or
  • Owners of fund management company have a Nordic background; or
  • Fund  the manager(s) of the specific fund have a Nordic background

Should there be doubt about a fund or fund manager meeting these qualification criteria, the organizer in collaboration with members of the Jury will make a decision to accept a fund or fund manager or not at their discretion. It is in the interest of the organizer to have the most accurate and complete number of funds/managers considered for the Nordic Hedge Award without diluting the claim of having a truly representative peergroup of the Nordic hedge fund universe. The organizer therefor is likely to be open and positivly biased ruling in favor of funds and managers reasonably aiming to qualify above criteria.

A relation of the administrative organization or back office operations of a fund alone (example: brokerage, depository bank) do not qualify the fund or fund manager to be considered for nomination.



For avoidance of doubt we specify Nordic countries as: Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Iceland

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