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Fondshuis Fondshuis Amsterdam based Fondshuis is a transparent, independent and result-oriented analysis and research provider- Independent Fondshuis analysis provide a detailed insight in return, risk and expectations. We analyze a variety of investment options, including; investment funds, hedge funds, individual stocks, commodities and investment portfolios. The solution for making an informed investment decision. Fondshuis provides support when selecting your ideal asset manager. After discussing your needs and goals we select for you the most appropriate asset manager. Benefit from a low management fee and independent quality assurance.
 hedefonder_125x125 HedgeFonder.nu is the leading publication focusing on the Nordic alternative investment and hedge fund universe. Since January 2011 HedgeFonder.nu published over 1500 articles and interviews with news, information, eduction, analysis and opinion.HedgeFonder.nu maintains a strictly independant role and produces its articles with its own editorial team.
 Managed Futures_125sqare MFEU is a non brokerage database provider focusing solely on managed futures. There are about 600 managed futures (CTA) programs in our CTA database now.The performance report for each managed futures program contains 3-4 pages full of results, statistics and charts. We use only the latest academic research in order to provide you with the most relevant information. We also implement our CTA database content into third party websites within our White label service and offer fully Customized performance reporting solutions for CTAs and fund managers.

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