In order to qualify being nominated and consequently awarded as “Best Nordic Equity Focused Hedge Fund” the fund manager and/or fund must meet the general criteria for being eligable for nomination. These can be viewed by clicking here: Qualifying Universe.

The category specific criteria for “Best Nordic Equity Focused Hedge Fund” are:

1. Minimum exposure of 75% (VaR) to equities, equity indices or equity derrivatives

2. Launch date prior to April 1, 2012

3. Minimum Assets under Management USD 3o million


The “Best Nordic Equity Focused Hedge Fund” is presented by:

The following funds will be considered for nomination to the Nordic Hedge Fund Award in the category “best Nordic Fund of Funds” : (in random order)

Fund Company
Sweden Nordic Absolute Return Fund Alsback Förvaltning AB
Sweden P&N Idea Prior&Nilsson Fond o Kapitalförvaltning AB
Sweden Edge Atlant Fonder AB
Sweden Sharp Atlant Fonder AB
Denmark Cresco Uttrup Investment Management Fund PCC
Norway Sector Zen Fund Sector Asset Management
Norway AAM Absolute Return Fund Class A (USD) XXX
Sweden CB Hedge Europe CB Asset Management
Sweden Archipel
Sweden RAM ONE
Norway Sector Maritime Investments Sector Asset Management
Sweden Zenit
Sweden Adrigo Fund
Sweden Handelsbanken Europa Hedge Selektiv
Sweden Adapto Nordic
Norway Sector Healthcare Sector Asset Management
Sweden P&N Yield
Sweden Midas Equity Fund
Sweden Graal Aktie Ansvar
Sweden Explora Atlant Fonder AB
Sweden DNB TMT Absolute Return
Sweden Traction SmallCap
Sweden Stella Polaris
Sweden Alcur
Sweden Catella Hedgefond
Sweden Emeralt Fund
Denmark Danske Invest European Equities Absolute Fund
Sweden Stella Nova Hedgefond
Sweden QQM Equity Hedge
Norway Taiga Fund
Sweden Destination Fund
Sweden Futuris
Denmark Jyske Invest Hedge Markedsneutral – Aktier
Norway G&P Orca UCITS Fund
Sweden DNB ECO Absolute Return
Sweden Catella Nordic Long Short Equity
Denmark Hedgeforeningen Mermaid Nordic
Sweden Gladiator Fond
Denmark Carnegie WorldWide Long/Short Fund
Sweden Manticore
Norway Nordic Alpha plc
Norway Nordic Omega plc
Sweden Rhenman Healthcare Equity L/S IC1 (EUR) Rhenman & Partners Asset Management
Sweden Thyra Hedge Sentat Asset Management
Norway AAM Absolute Return Fund Class B (NOK)
Norway Grand Haven Capital Fund Grand Haven Capital Ltd.
Norway Grand Haven Capital Neutral Fund Grand Haven Capital Ltd.


If your fund is not listed here, please fill in the submission form by clicking on the banner below and send it by email to:




The Jury may also take discretion and ad funds and managers to the nomination list.



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