Funds will be distinguished at the Nordic Hedge Award in various categories, reflecting the sub categories of the Nordic Hedge Index (NHX). Trophies will therefor be presented for the winning funds as Best Nordic Equity Hedge Fund, Best Nordic Fixed Income Hedge Fund, Best Nordic Multi Strategy Hedge Fund, Best Nordic Fund of Hedge Funds, and Best Nordic CTA / Managed Futures Fund. Further to the sub categories, the top three Best Nordic Hedge Funds (over all) will be distinguished. Winners in this category are determined in the same procedure as in the other categories above. However, these funds and managers are determined as winners by the combined qualitative and quantative score disregarding their subcategory, thus all funds are in competition for this  award disregarding their trading strategy.

To view the process of determining winner in the above categories, please click here: Modality.

Funds and managers will be presented with “Performance Awards” for the highest net performance of all hedge funds within the universe of the Nordic Hedge Index for their respective absolute returns, net of fees for the  compound 12 months, 36 months and 60 month periods preceding the year end net asset value (NAV) of the respective funds. (Example: The relevant date for the 2015 Nordic Hedge Award is the final NAV calculated for December 31 of 2015. The relevant period therefor are the 12, 36 and 60 months compound  returns preceding the NAV from December 2015).

No other criteria will be used or influence the results for determining the winners of the Performance Award.

For the 2015 Nordic Hedge Award, a new category was newly introduced for the “Best New Nordic Hedge Fund” or “Rookie of the Year.”

Funds will be considered for this Award which have a track record of less than 18 months, but have at least three monthly NAV preceding the year end net asset value (NAV) of the respective funds. Funds must be listed in the HedgeNordic databases and Nordic Hedge Index and meet the criteria required for such listing. There will be no minimum / maximum requirement for assets under management to be considered for the “Rookie of the Year” category.

As in this category the traditional scoring and ranking methodolgy would lead to no meaningful results due to funds trading different stratiegies with different datasets available for evaluation, a new and simplified ranking procedure will determine the winner of this category.

A jury put together of the former winners of the Nordic Hedge Award will, based on a questionair, determine the “Best New Nordic Hedge Fund Launch”.