Rhenman & Partners wins HedgeNordic performance award
The alternative investment space is very much about absolute returns rather than relative performance to an index and benchmarking. For an Award, like the Nordic Hedge Award, it is of course crucial to be able to compare funds, companies and managers in a fair, transparent and commonly accepted way, which we believe to have achieved through the procedure in determining the winners of the Nordic Hedge Award with the combination of a two step, quantative and qualitative evaluation. This may mean though, that a single isolated factor such as performance may by no be means enough for a fund and manager to be crowned “Best Nordic Hedge Fund” in its category.

For the 2013 Nordic Hedge Award, a  new category was introduced, the “HedgeNordic Performance Award” which shall be presented to the fund that delivered the highest net performance. While the general qualification criteria to be included in the Nordic Hedge Index and thus the universe of funds eligible for nominations to the Nordic Hedge Award must be met, unlike for the other categories, no other criteria, weighting, normalization or comparison will be taken into account.

The HedgeNordic Performance Award goes to the fund who delivered the highest net performance among the universe of Nordic hedge funds. The HedgeNordic Performance Award for  2014 however happens to go to the fund that also took the trophy in its category as “Best Nordic Equity Hedge Fund”,  Rhenman Healthcare Equity L/S. In fact,  Rhenman & Partners has won that category every year since the inception of the Nordic Hedge Award in 2012. The fund was also awarded for ranking third in the category “Best Nordic Hedge Fund (over all) in 2014.

Stockholm based Rhenman Healthcare Equity L/S returned 42,8% in 2014 while the Nordic Hedge Index (NHX) had a return of 4,1% and the NHX Equity Sub Index returned 3,6%

Rhenman Healthcare Equity L/S is a global equity fund with an exclusive focus on  the healthcare sector. The fund will diversify into different company sizes, various sub-sectors and geographies in order to lower volatility. Rhenman & Partners recently announced the manager would soft close access to the fund for new investors once assets under management of 500 Million Euro are reached, which i likely to be in the next few month.