Podium Discussion at 2014 Nordic Hedge Award

It has become a tradition that the Nordic Hedge Award is opened with a podium discussion on a current hot topic of the hedge fund industry among industry leaders from the Nordic region and beyond.

This year, the results of a global hedge fund study will be at the basis of the discussion where the panelists will take “A Nordic view on transparency, regulation and industry priorities.”  The initial survey was conducted by Northern Trust Hedge Fund Services with a media partner among more than 100 hedge fund managers and 300 institutional investors. Topics included transparency, regulation and past and future priorities for the hedge fund industry. While some results confirmed widely-held perspectives about the state of the industry and needs of investors and managers other findings revealed divergences in how managers and investors perceive the industry.

The podium discussion at the Nordic Hedge Award will be moderated by Peter Sanchez, CEO of Northern Trust Hedge Fund Services. Wollert Hvide, CEO of Oslo based Sector Asset Management, David Rindegren, Portfolio Manager for Carnegies WorldWide Long/Short Fund, Anders Holst, Partner and Portfolio Manager at Lynx Asset Management and Martin Källström, Head of Alternative Investments at AP1 Pension Fund will be the panelists.


Picture: (c) shutterstock.com—olly