2013 Nordic Hedge Award


Stockhholm (HedgeNordic) – The winners of the 2013 Nordic Hedge Award were presented their trophies during an evening event on April 24th in Stockholm. (pictured: Coeli Asset Management CEO Johan Lindberg announcing the Best Nordic hedgefunds for the year). Winners were determined in a two step process. Out of the 130 funds in the defined universe the top five funds per category were shortlisted using a model co-developped by Nordic Business Media and a PhD student assigned to the project by Stockholm School of Economics. The model took five parameters into account: absolute performance in 2013, performance relative to the respective Nordic Hedge Index  sub index, Sharpe ratio, consitancy of returns and long term track record. Numbers were weighted and normalized to determine the nominated funds.

A professional Jury then added their score  individually on their discretion to create final results and ranking. The three best funds per category for 2013 are:

Best Nordic Equity Focused Hedge Fund – Supported by Deutsche Asset & Wealth Management

  1. Rhenman Healthcare Equity L/S, Rhenman & Partners
  2. Manticore, Brummer & Partners
  3. Grand Haven Capital Fund, Grand Haven Capital

Best Nordic Fixed Income Focused Hedge Fund – Northern Trust Hedge Fund Services

  1. MIRA, Nykredit Asset Management
  2. KOBRA, Nykredit Asset Management
  3. Asgard Fixed Income Fund, Plinius Capital

Best Nordic Fund of Hedge Funds – Supported by Magnusson Law

  1. Merrant Alpha Select, Merrant Fonder
  2. Brummer Multi-Strategy, Brummer & Partners
  3. SEB True Market Neutral, SEB

Best Nordic Multi Strategy Hedge Fund – Supported by Stockholm School of Economics

  1. Atlant Stability, Atlant Fonder
  2. VISIO Allocator Fund, Visio Asset Management
  3. Nektar, Nektar Asset Management

Best Nordic CTA – Supported by Efficient Capital

  1. Warren Short Term Trading, Warren Capital
  2. LYNX, Lynx Asset Management
  3. Ålandsbanken Commodity Fund, Ålandsbanken

HedgeNordic Performance Award – Supported by HedgeNordic

  1. Grand Haven Capital Fund  (108,2% net return in 2013)

Best Nordic Hedge Fund – Supported by Coeli Asset Management

  1. Warren Short Term Trading, Warren Capital
  2. Manticore, Brummer & Partners
  3. Rhenman Healthcare Equity L/S, Rhenman & Partners



Picture: (c) Nordic Business Media AB / HedgeNordic.com