HedgeNordic Performance Award

The alternative investment space is very much about absolute returns rather than relative performance to an index and benchmarking. For an Award, like the Nordic Hedge Award, it is of course to be able to compare funds, companies and managers in a fair, transparent and commonly accepted way, which be believe to have achieved through the procedure in determining the winners of the Nordic Hedge Award in a two step, quantative and qualitative evaluation.

However, xxxx. For the 2013 Nordic Hedge Award, we therefor decided to introduce a new category, the “HedgeNordic Performance Award” which shall be presented to the fund that delivered the highest net performance.

While the general qualification criteria to be included in the Nordic Hedge Index and thus the universe of funds eligible for nominations to the Nordic Hedge Award must be met, unlike for the other categories, no other criteria, weighting, normalization or comparison will be taken into account. The general qualification criteria can be read here.

The historic winners of the HedgeNordic Performance Award are:

Year Manager Fund Country Funds in Universe Net Performance
2013 Grand Haven Capital Grand Haven Capital Fund NO 154 108,2%




Picture: (c) lnur—shutterstock.com