Nordic Hedge Index climbs 8th consecutive month – All time High

Stockholm ( – Nordic hedgefunds continued to extend their advance in May and climed the eigth consecutive month to reach a new all time high.

The Nordic Hedge Index (NHX) climbed from an index value of 131.93 in October 2012 to 138.69(est)points by the end of May, 82% oft he 129 listed funds having reported their numbers. The average Nordic hedge fund extended gains by 0,75% for the month and is ahead by 3.79% over last years closing price.

Equity and fixed income strategies were leading the way with little between them up 1.33% and 1,32% respectively for the month. Fixed income hedge strategies are also the strongest gainers for the year, up 5.61% YTD.

Other strategies to profit in May were multi strategy hedge funds (+0,72%) and fund of hedge funds (+0,4% MTD).

The only strategy to loose montey in May were managed futures / CTA, retreating by 0,76% for the month. The sub strategy is still up a strong 4,39% for the year though making CTA the second most profitable hedge fund strategy.

The sub-indices for the individual Nordic countries is lead by Norway (+2,6%) ahead of Sweden (0,64%). Denmark (-0.24%) and Finland (-0,3%) ending May in red numbers.

Year to date Norwegian (+7,89%) and Finish (+7,35%) managers were the strongest performers, pulled along by individual performances from Grand Haven (NO) and Estlander & Partners (FI).

Top performing funds in May were Grand Haven Capital Fund (11,18% MTD / 15,66% YTD) Grand Haven Market Neutral Fund (8,46% MTD / 5,85% YTD) and Swedish DnB TMT Absolute Return Fund (7% MTD / 9,82% YTD).

With an advance of over 50% so far, Estlander & Partners Alpha Trend II Class P is the strongest performing fund YTD within the Nordic Hedge Index ahead of Swedish Rhenman Healthcare Equity L/S (31,58%), Norwegian Sector Zen (+19,95%) and Asymetric Global Macro Fund (18,75%).

The best performing Swedish hedge funds in 2013 until May 31st within the Nordic Hedge Index are Rhenman Healtcare (+31,58%) Atlant Edge (14,41%) PriorNilsson Idea (10,34%) and Atlant Sharp (9,95%).


Picture: (c) Sebastian-Kaulitzki—