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Broad gains for Nordic hedge funds in January

Broad gains for Nordic hedge funds in January

Stockholm ( – The Nordic Hedge Index NHX gained 1,85% in January. Best performing sub index where managed futures which appreciated by 3,21% (88% of managers reported), followed by NHX equities up 2,22$ (89%  reported) and Fixed Income Funds which gained 1,21%. (100% reported).

NHX Fund of Funds (+1,16%, 32% reported) and Multi Strategy (+1,21%, 83% reported) also started the year in positive territory.

On country level Finland showed the highest advance, pulled along by Estlander & Partners who showed strong performance. Norwegian funds gained 2,9%, Swedish managers 1,32% and Danish hedgefunds returned just above 1% for the month.

Overall Estlander & Partners Alpha Trend II – Class P showed the highest return in January, up a whopping 20,98%, followed by two funds of Norwegian based Grand Haven Capital (+13,26% and 10,68% respectively.)

Best performing Swedish funds were Rhenman Healthcare Equity L/S (+6,92%), Emeralt Fund (+5,8%), Atlant Fonders Edge (+5,7%), Alandsbanken Commodity Fund (+5,34%) and Midas Equity Fund (+4,87%).

Among the Danish hedgefund managers Rho Altius 1xl Program advanced the furthest, returning 5,15% in January.

The Nordic Hedge Index (NHX) is composed of 122 funds in five categories and five country sub indices. Listing in the HedgeNordic database which makes up the NHX is free of charge for managers until June 2013.

The NHX constituents also define the universe for the Nordic Hedge Award. Funds nominated for the inaugural Nordic Hedge Award, supported by Coeli Asset Management, will be published in the week of March 18-22.


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