The Jury

Unlike many other industry awards, the Nordic Hedge Award is not a pure performance award. In order to also capture components of a fund an hedge fund manager that are hard to evaluate in a model the organizer introduced a professional Jury to the scoring. This Jury will also take “soft factors” into account and determine the final ranking of funds through the points each jury member awards.

To ad to objectivity, Jury members will be handed the list of short listed funds in random order and points scored according to the calculation model will not be communicated to Jury members.

Each jury member will award points to each of the shortlisted funds. Points may be added or subtracted. Jury members will award their points at their full discretion and will not be influenced by the organizer. However, jury members are advised to consider some of the following aspects of the management company and/or fund that: Transparency in communication, fund raising, marketing, business integrity, fees, administrative setup…to mention a few. To find out more about the jury and jury members, please click here.