All funds listed in the Nordic Hedge Fund Index (NHX) databases are eligible for participating in the 2012 Nordic Hedge Fund Award. This is to ensure all data going into the calculation models is at same standards, complete and fully transparent to the organizer. As of December 31st 2012, 122 hedge funds were listed within the NHX in will be automatically be considered to the respective categories they are listed in. While the organizer will do his outmost to have a complete and representative we can not guarantee we have identified every fund and manager fitting the universe or that required data is made available. In an effort to insure the widest possible view of the defined universe is considered for nomination, a public invitation to submit funds is widely communicated.  Funds can be submitted to be considered for nomination until February 15th 2013. To submit a fund, please click here: submit fund.


Submission to and lisiting within the NHX databases and for the 2012 Nordic Hedge Award is free of charge.

Short listing – Nominations

The organizer will rank all funds eligible for nomination according to a calculation model. This model will translate the funds results to a point scoring model. Points will be awarded for absolute performance, stability of returns, performance in relation to historic returns of the respective fund, performance in relation to the defined benchmark (subindex within NHX) and risk adjusted returns after being weighted  with multipliers. (As example, points scored for returns in relation to benchmark could be awarded with a factor of 1,25 ). A special emphasis and thus heavy weigthing is given to risk adjusted returns, taking the funds cialis in uk