2013 Nordic Hedge Award – Podium Ceremony

  • Johan Stackelberg (Deutsche Bank)
  • Kim Hansson (Swedish House of Finance)
  • Gregory Kenausis (Grand Haven), Tom Josephsson (Brummer & Partners for Manticore),
  • Björn Wendleby (Magnusson Law)
  • Henrika Skott (Brummer & Partners) Rolf Hagekrans (Merrant) and Kamran Ghalitschi (HedgeNordic)
  • Kamran Ghalitschi (HedgeNordic)
  • Johan Lindberg (Coeli Asset Management)
  • Peter Warren awarded as "Best Nordic CTA" and "Best Nordic Hedge Fund (over all") in 2013

2013 Nordic Hedge Award – Podium Discussion

  • Pirkko Juntunen (HedgeNordic)

2013 Nordic Hedge Award – Mingle

  • Johan Lindberg (Coeli AM) in line for a hot dog
  • Pontus Wachtmeister (Sentat Asset Management) showing the new gadget
  • Tony Glickman, Belinda Burgess and Struan Malcom (all Northern Trust) with Mark Østergaard (Neuberger Berman)
  • Nykredit Asset Management Team celebrating first and second place in the fixed income category
  • Johan Stackelberg (Deutsche Bank)
  • Lidia Filo (Sentat Asset Management)
  • Alandsbankens Anders Blomqvist and Mats Ohlson with Gustaf Ehrenborg (Coeli AM)
  • Julia Axelsson (Alandsbanken) Johan Lindberg (Coeli AM) and Wollert Hvide (Sector AM)
  • Gregory Kenausis (Grand Haven Capital) and Chris Crystal (Amundi) in discussion with Ernest Jaffarian (Efficient Capital)
  • Arne Österlind and Lina Petrell (Shepherd Energy) with Bengt Lindblad (Alfakraft)
  • Gregory Kenausis (Grand Haven Capital) and Ari Björnsson (UBP)

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